Children's Transport Survey

We're currently reviewing our Children's Transport Services and we want to hear about the thoughts and experiences of those families that currently use transport paid for by North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC).
Parents and carers are legally responsible for making sure a child attends school. However, in some cases the local authority has a duty to support parents and carers with transport to school.

This survey is about the transport your child uses that is paid for by NELC. This could include going to and from school, family contact time and activities. We use the term 'your child' to refer to a child you care for. We would like to encourage you to fill this survey out with your child present to help capture their views.

Please complete a new survey for each child separately. 
How old is your child?
Where does your child travel to/from?
How does your child travel?
Which best describes the reason why NELC provides transport for your child?
How would you rate the following aspects of the transport your child receives?
Very poor
Very Good
Not sure
Safety of my child
Suitably trained staff
Staff understand and are adaptable to my child's needs (sensory needs etc.)