North East Lincolnshire Libraries and Archive Review Survey
We would like to hear from you

The public archive service and public libraries located in Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Immingham and Waltham are managed by Lincs Inspire Limited, on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council.  These are important services, valued by our local communities and provide a wealth of information and useful resources. 

If you want to know more about these services, please visit 
We appreciate that post-Covid, the way people use our archives and libraries may have changed, for example, through accessing more online resources.

Last year our libraries welcomed over 160,000 in-person visits, with an additional 17,000 online downloads. Our archives supported nearly 1,400 enquiries and both services continue to have a healthy social media following too. 

 North East Lincolnshire has a population of nearly 160,000, of which around 29,000 residents have a library account and over 8,400 are active library users, however this also means that a lot of residents are not making use of these services.   

All services are having to manage the impact from rising costs, meaning that North East Lincolnshire Council must invest carefully in all its public services to get the best value for money for our residents. That is why we need to ensure that the services provided are fit for purpose and efficient for many years to come. 

Therefore, in this consultation we're asking you about your views, and would like to understand what your future use of these services might be, and what opportunities we should be considering that would help you and your family, friends or neighbours to enjoy these services more.  

Please complete this online survey or alternatively, you can fill in a paper copy available from your local library. If you are struggling to access this survey online we have multiple pop-ups you can attend where we can support you completing the survey, you can find out when and where these will be here.

Please note that this first phase of consultation is in reference to the Council’s library service across the four libraries that Lincs Inspire manages (Cleethorpes Library, Grimsby Central Library, Immingham Library and Waltham Library) and the public archive service.

 This consultation will close on 22nd March 2024.

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